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4200 Grafts - 1 Session

As a Seattle hair transplant consultant for Hasson & Wong, the question I'm asked most often is "What makes your hair restoration procedure better than another clinic?". The answer: results! Dr Victor Hasson and Dr Jerry Wong have a proven track record of providing consistent results to hair loss sufferers in Seattle and worldwide. That's why those who know about hair transplantation understand that Hasson & Wong lead the way in providing natural results, megasessions, and dense packing.

Choosing the right hair transplant doctor is vital to a good result. Seattle area patients benefits from my knowledge of the hair restoration field and my years of experience helping hair loss sufferers understand their options and make informed decisions. If you have any questions about hair loss and hair transplantation, you can make an appointment in my Seattle office or call me and just ask questions. I'm here to help.

Whether you are in Seattle area, or anywhere in the USA, I'll help you understand why Dr H and Dr W are the best there is. In hair restoration, the bottom line is always results. The best hair transplant clinic is not necessarily in Seattle.

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Cost of Hair Transplants in Seattle

Hair transplant costs are in a wide range depending on the skill and experience of the doctors and their technicians, and the hair restoration method being used. View Hasson & Wong hair transplant pricing. Read an article about hair transplant costs for different surgical methods.

Seattle Hair Transplant Consultant

Contact me for a free hair transplant consultation. I meet patients in my Seattle office but can also meet patients at my Portland hair transplant office.

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